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WEIFANG CHEMIDEA CHEMICALS CO.,LTD.has always pursued the "struggling forward" spirit of enterprise, implement the "people-oriented, the rights and interests of unity" and "not the largest, but for the best" management philosophy advocate "team spirit" and "innovative spirit ".

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About us

WEIFANG CHEMIDEA CHEMICALS CO.,LTD. is controlled by Shandong Tianyi Chemical Corporation Founded in 2006, now covers an area of ​​more than 200 acres and employs more than 100 people. The company is located in Shandong Weifang Green Chemical Industry Park, and has passed the safety assessment, environmental impact assessment rating and ISO9001 quality system certification, OHMS occupational health and safety certification and environmental management system certification. Our company is a state-level high-tech enterprise, the province focus on supporting science and technology enterprises and has the right to import and export, technical support unit Shandong Ocean Chemical Industry Research Institute has Shandong Marine Fine Chemical pilot base, Shandong Province Marine Fine Chemical Key Laboratory Room, Shandong Salt and Salt Chemical Quality Supervision and Inspection Station, Weifang Marine Chemical Enterprise Service Center and other research and development, pilot and service platform.
Werifang Chemidea Chemicals Co.,Ltd. existing products are a series of products: 1, diacetone acrylamide (DAAM), the output of 1,000 tons / year; 2, ADH , production of 500 tons / year; 3, acetoacetyl methyl Ethyl acrylate (AAEM) with an annual output of 200 tons / year.
Werifang Chemidea Chemicals Co.,Ltd. has always pursued the "struggling forward" spirit of enterprise, implement the "people-oriented, the rights and interests of unity" and "not the largest, but for the best" management philosophy advocate "team spirit" and "innovative spirit ". Since obtaining the quality management system and occupational health and safety certification, the company has consistently adhered to the quality guideline of "Guaranteeing the Quality Based on the Survival, Relying on Innovation and Developing the Road" and the safety guideline of "Regulating in the Heart and Safety in Your Hands" The standard concept will be extended to all areas of work for the overall improvement of the overall quality of the company laid a solid foundation. In order to maintain the stable and rapid development of the company, the company pays great attention to science and technology innovation and investment in science and technology. Each year, it invests 5% of its operating income as a science and technology development fund for the next fiscal year for all kinds of technological innovation projects and technological transformation projects of the company, Every year, new R & D projects are implemented and new products are introduced to the market every year, forming a benign promotion mechanism for technological innovation to promote the development of industries, realize profits and promote the development of science and technology.
Werifang Chemidea Chemicals Co.,Ltd. will provide you with high-quality functional monomer product production, sales and after-sales service.
We sincerely welcome the broad masses of old and new customers here guidance, expectations in the field of functional monomers with you experts and entrepreneurs to start technical cooperation!